Negs/Neutrals: Firefox Extension
Oct 2010: Now works with Firefox 3 ! Our thanks to Steve for updating it! Get it at, or keep reading...

One picture says it all: Add instant access to the Negative/Neutral Feedback Tool to your Firefox menu!

With this addition, simply right-clicking on a user's eBay name will bring up the Firefox menu, allowing you to open a new window which takes you to that user's Negs and Neutrals, received or left. It works on any eBay-user link, whether in an item listing, Member Profile, discussion board, or anywhere - no more highlighting, copying and pasting! It even works on the user's feedback number! If, for some reason, it's unclear about what user you wanted, it'll take you to the default Negs/Neutrals page. Actually, it also works if you do highlight a user's name, allowing you to use it anywhere in Firefox, whether the user's name is a link or not. it pops up a dialog box asking for the eBay username. Give it a try!

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Installing Get it at
» We used to keep a copy here, but you're better off getting The Official Version, using The Official Method. While you're there, consider making a contribution to steeev+ in support of his work.

Uninstalling Use the Tools » Add-ons menu (also known as the Tools » Extensions menu) to open the Add-ons window; select Ebay Negs! then click the Uninstall button, and close the Add-ons window.

You must now close all Firefox windows. When you restart Firefox, the new items will no longer appear in the right-click menu.


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